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Dealerships are designed for ongoing, established small and medium sized business firms.
    Benefits of becoming a dealer are:
  • Year-round income without giving up present business
  • No dealership fee to qualified business owners
  • You purchase an inventory custom tailored to meet your sales needs and budget
  • Unique advertising program, technical support, and sampling program (available at company expense)
  • Has a TEN-YEAR material replacement warranty
  • Selling an outstanding product that has thousands of applications - for INTERIOR and EXTERIOR wood, metal, and masonry surfaces. This unique coating is unexcelled for waterproofing basements, rejuvenating roofs and tanks, coating driveways, and renewing floors to showroom finish. Non-toxic, it contains no lead and is V.O.C. compliant. It is used in hospitals, schools, and livestock areas with complete safety. Architects, builders, and commercial companies buy these coatings from APPOINTED DEALERS.
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