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The amazing family of tough, long-lasting protective coatings for practically everything.
Poxy Coat® II
One Part Epoxy Coating
Poxy Coat® II Color
The durable enamel-like finish and long-lasting color make Poxy Coat® Color Coating ideal for interior hard use, such as floor traffic and abrasion or exterior areas exposed to harsh climate conditions. It gives you a beautiful smooth, easy-to-clean finish.
Poxy Coat® Catalyst
A catalyst for Poxy Coat® Colors and Clear. When added to these products, PC Catalyst will speed up the drying and curing time and will increase the gloss, hardness, and abrasion and corrosion resistance.
Poxy Coat® III
Water Borne Acrylic Enamel
Poxy Coat® III Color
An extremely durable, water borne modified acrylic enamel, that provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance. It may be used on most interior and exterior surfaces where maximum durability is required. It's quick dry and anti-blocking characteristics makes this product an excellent choice for factory and other applications where minimal dry to handle time is required.
Poxy Coat® II Clear
High-gloss and Satin Varnishes
Poxy Coat® II Clear
Get a mar-resistant, skid resistant, mirror-like finish of exceptional depth and clarity. Poxy Coat® Clear Coating is lead-free, self leveling and guaranteed not to crack, chip or peel.
Designer Series
For Concrete Surfaces
Designer Series
A water-based, catalyzed epoxy resistant to many solvents, acids, salts and the effects of hot tires. It will not lift existing coatings that are secure and will offer performance equal to traditional solvent based epoxies. It is also low odor and non-toxic.
Poxy Seal™
Poxy Seal™
A high performance, water-repellent, penetrating sealer—a blend of modified silicone copolymer solutions and silicone resins that produces an odorless, stainless, non-toxic barrier for virtually all porous materials.
Poxy Seal™ II
Designed to allow maximum film build, this coating will provide an excellent barrier to limited corrosive fumes and splash from mineral acids, alkalis, salt solutions, water and alcohols. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed with conventional spray or airless equipment.
Boiler Coat®
Heat Resistant Coating
Boiler Coat®
Boiler Coat® Heat-resistant Silicone Coatings are the most heat resistant ready-mixed coatings available for use on exterior and interior metal surfaces.
Splash Coat®
Swimming Pool Coating
Splash Coat®
Splash Coat® is made with chlorinated rubber. It is extremely durable in salt and fresh water. Excellent for use on outdoor pools.
Splash Coat® II
A water-borne, self-priming acrylic emulsion pool paint which can be applied over most type of pool coatings that are in good condition, as well as bare concrete or plaster surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly, low VOC pool paint that can be applied to damp surfaces. It dries quickly for recoating, withstands continuous submersion in fresh and salt water, and resists mildew, algae and effects of sun tan oils.
Poxy Coat® Primers
A Comprehensive Family
Prime Time™
Prime Time™ Heavy Duty, Hi-Performance Fabrication Primer is a high solid, low V.O.C. coating that inhibits rust. It penetrates cracks around light rust and mill scale. It protects corners and edges and resists exposure to weather. It is excellent for priming steel framing to be fireproofed.
Prime Time™ 9000
A high performance, rust inhibitive primer for use under most topcoats such as: 2 part polyurethanes, most epoxies, lacquers, and most oleo-resinous systems. It may be used over existing paints that are in sound condition.
Super Prime™
A ready mixed, organic coating that renews worn or damaged galvanized metals and provides the highest degree of cathodic rust prevention available in an organic coating.
Poxy Prime™
A two-component, 1:1 ratio, polyamide cured primer for use on clean and properly prepared metal of concrete surfaces. It offers excellent resistance to corrosion and exceptional adhesion to ferrous metal substrates. Resists solvents, dilute acids and alkali attack. Suitable for use for protecting concrete substrates in secondary containment applications.
Poxy Prime™ Reducer
Poxy Prime Reducer/Retarder can be used with ICC Poxy Prime Products EP-5050 and EP-5065, solvent-based, 2-component epoxy primer coatings. This product may also be used for equipment clean-up.
A water reducible, acrylic primer that has outstanding adhesion to aluminum, ferrous and galvanized metals, wood, plaster and formica. It eliminates flash rusting or rust bleed through.
Anti-Skid Coating
A skid-resistant acrylic latex coating for both interior and exterior concrete, asphalt, steel and wood that provides safety, durablility and appearance. It has a flat finish that is resistant to fading, abrasion and the effects of ponding water.
Anti-Graffiti Coating
EZ-Clean® Anti-Graffiti Coating
An extremely durable, easy to clean two-component, low VOC polyurethane that provides a complete barrier to graffiti and other contaminants. It is highly resistant to solvents, alkalis and dilute acids, and is ideal for architectural, commercial and residential applications on various surfaces. Makes graffiti removal E-Z!
EZ-Clean® Graffiti Remover
A mixture of solvents designed to remove most graffiti from surfaces painted with EZ Clean® Anti-Graffiti Coating.
EZ-Clean® Reducer
EZ Clean® Reducer is a special solvent formulated to be used with EZ Clean® two component polyurethane enamel for normal spraying application. This product can also be used for flushing the spray lines and for general clean up.
Poxy Coat® Clear™ Poxy Seal™ Designer Series Boiler Coat® Poxy Coat® II— Color Posi-Trac® Poxy Coat® II— Color
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